Kanat Sultanbekov on Real Estate in the New Age

Real estate investment offers a multitude of anticipated and unexpected advantages, as recognized by industry veteran Kanat Sultanbekov. This enduring belief underscores the enduring appeal and potential of the sector.
More Modern Trends in Real Estate

After all, Kanat Sultanbekov knows people will always need space to live in, put up their businesses, store their precious belongings, set up for future rental, and more.

The truth is the future is always fast approaching. To succeed in real estate, Kanat Sultanbekov says people need to have a vision of the future. Real estate professionals and investors alike need to be on the lookout for upcoming trends that will dominate the industry.

First, there will be a rise in the number of millennial buyers.

Compared to the 2010s, more millennials today are investing in their own homes. They are more financially savvy and have more stable income streams today. More individuals from this generation are taking advantage of the present market scenario by purchasing their property.

Despite the economic downturn they have witnessed and experienced, many millennials are forging ahead by investing in real estate.

The second trend is that the labor force will move to second-tier urban locations.

Professionals worldwide are opting to relocate to less densely populated cities, where they can advance their careers and establish themselves more firmly.

Kanat Sultanbekov explains that instead of enduring high rents and crowded urban areas, an increasing number of city residents are opting for second-tier cities with more affordable living expenses.

Following these trends, there will also be a shift toward sustainable property.

The world is becoming ever more aware of the adverse effects of climate change. Because of this, many younger people are choosing properties that allow for sustainable living.

Kanat Sultanbekov mentions that homes and buildings made of environmentally friendly materials are becoming popular investments among property buyers all over the world.

The Real Estate-Millennial Connection from the Developer’s Point of View

Real estate is probably the biggest expense adults worry about in the United States, according to Kanat Sultanbekov. Whether people are looking for something temporary in the big city or a place in the quiet suburbs where they can raise a family, real estate is a top priority.

That said, your understanding of the matter changes when the purchase becomes an investment. Viewing real estate as an investment helps people look decades ahead into the possible worth of their properties.

It should be noted that real estate can also be very profitable.

To succeed in any business, Kanat Sultanbekov says that people must look for the biggest market. This rings especially true in real estate, whose biggest market is looking to be the millennial generation.

This is a hot topic of debate in many circles, but more so on social media. There are a lot of good and bad things being said about millennials.

That said, there is very little doubt they will be the next generation inheriting the world. Like every generation that has come and gone, this generation will set the tone for things to come.

Real estate experts have anticipated this. They have seen developers start focusing their businesses on the millennial generation.

This has led to several progressive steps that have seen the resurrection of countless urban centers around the country. This trend indicates that millennials are rising and have begun to occupy the urban landscape.

As such, Kanat Sultanbekov notes that properties such as condotels, condominiums, multifamily residences and apartments, micro-apartments, and other more modern structures are being designed and constructed.

All these projects will help accommodate the needs and requirements of the generation of the future.

Mixed-use environments are likewise also on the rise, due largely in part to their appeal to the generation of millennials, Kanat Sultanbekov adds.

Construction manager Kanat Sultanbekov has been delivering world-class quality and leading dynamic teams for more than 15 years. During his free time, he loves to run and hike. He shares his insights on this blog.

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